no such thing as 15 minutes of fame

i am a single mom of two kids.

college educated. criminal justice. i hate the people i know, hate the majority of the people i meet, it's just something that comes with the job.

lover of tattoos (18 so far, sleeving out), big trucks, fast cars, wint-o-green mints, chinese food, rock and country music, family, decent friends, etc. etc. etc. working on training police and military k9s.

i work with the local humane society as their pitbull advocate. the breed speaks to me, and i understand how fucked up life can be for these dogs. shit happens, but don't blame the dog. blame yourself for being a shitty owner.

this is my place to rant and rave and cause hell and chaos.

things are by my rules, and i really couldn't give two fucks less if you like those rules or not.

you have found me. by all means. read to your little hearts content.

ew, fuck you.

i’m in such a shit mood.

so much is going on. i have to find a new place to live, a.s.a.p.

i have a 2000 navigator that i just dropped the drive shaft out of last week. fantastic. so my explorer? blows the front end this weekend. amazing.

vehicles are obviously not my forte. i would ask for a horse and buggy, but knowing my luck, the fucking horse would die.

i am now with an amazing guy named paul. he is something of a very odd combo of me, my brother, and my ex best friend, all rolled into one. he is strange, and quirky, and funny, and sweet, but sweet jesus tapdancing christ on a tricycle, sometimes i want to punch him straight in the throat. working doubles all week? cool, money is needed, it would be great to bank from that fuckass job. but ignoring me for a week? oh fuck no, that isn’t on the agenda, sir.

i fuckingH A T Ebeing ignored. oh fuck no.

and there’s some little whoreass at his job that thinks she’s all cute and shit.

i’ve calmed down a lot since i’ve had my children. A LOT. but one thing that will make the situation real heavy real quick is if you get to crossing some boundary lines with my children, my family, or my significant other. i’ll put hands on a bitch quicker than fuck. and she tries to play it off, that’s the best part. can’t play johnny fuckaround with my ass, i’m from a little town called fresh-off-your-ass and i’m gettin homesick, bitch.

i’m getting a new dog. one of the dogs from work, a pit/lab mix named captain jack. he was abused and has been extremely timid, but i brought him out of his shell and have done all of the necessary rehab with him. he is a trooper, and i cannot wait to bring him home.

work. that’s another thing.

our board president hates me, wants me fired. uh, fuck you cunt. you can suck a fat one, because unless the manager decides to fire me for whatever reason, you can sit on your eight thousand year old ass and fuckin enjoy my company. fuck you, bitch.

i do need another job though. i’m tired of working my fucking ass off, and making just over minimum wage. all of us are fed up with the pay, and it is ridiculous. FUCK this job.


Simply brilliant.

photos: Tim Flach from Dogs Gods